About Us

E.M. Tippetts Book Designs employs four stay at home mothers who format bestselling books during naptimes, evenings, early mornings, and whenever our authors need us. E.M. Tippetts herself is also an indie author and former lawyer who specialized in contracts and literary estates. As a company, we offer:

Ebook Formatting

This is, perhaps, what we are most well known for. Our formatting clients have sold a lot of books. We specialize in artisan formatting with custom chapter headers and graphics, though we also know quite a few tricks for authors who want to keep the filesize of their ebooks down.


Cover Design

Cover designer Linda Caldwell has joined us and brought her incredible design talent aboard. Ebook, paperback, fiction, or non-fiction, she's done a little of everything, with beautiful results.

We keep a portfolio of all of our cover designs on

Paperback and Hardcover Interior Formatting

We custom design your book's interior to coordinate with your cover, and to meet the specs of whichever printer you choose to have print your books. Unlike other formatting small businesses, we do not format in MSWord, but rather InDesign, the same software used throughout the publishing industry. The only way to distinguish one of our interiors from one produced by a Big Six publisher is all the custom touches we put in, to make your indie published novel an artisan published novel.

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We keep a portfolio of our ebook designs on